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Fourth of July playlist
Fourth of July Freck Playlist
Freck | 4 July

Freck Fam! Ok, so we’re a day late posting this, but whatever. We shared our Freck Fouth of July Party

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How I Launched a Cosmetic Brand From Scratch
Team Freck | 29 June

  Hey everyone! This is Remi, the founder & CEO of Freck, and I have a blog that’s extremely close

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Fake Freckles
Faux Freckles for all Faces
Team Freck | 20 June

Freckles: some are born with them, some aren’t. Sometimes your freckles will only show after a bit of sun, and

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Temporary Freckle cosmetic
How to Get Temporary Freckles with Freck
Team Freck | 15 June

While the idea of completely smooth skin was once a priority in front of the camera — and in life

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semi-permanent freckle
Get Frecked: That New New
Freck | 23 March

Hi Freckers! I can’t believe we’re finally here on launch day. Well, early release launch day (our Official Launch is in

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